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cutepackaging's Journal

cute cute packaging
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All Members , Moderated
we love details.


appropriate to post:

-pictures of things with cute, unique packaging - please try and show us things we haven't already seen!
-posts related to and/or concerning things with cute, unique packaging

community rules:

1) learn how to lj-cut!
we enjoy pictures, but we SO enjoy it when pictures aren't taking up our precious friends page. don't screw up the cute community layout by hogging the whole page either! we're serious about this too! if anyone is caught posting more than one (1) huge images that aren't behind an lj-cut more than twice, you're banned! if you do not know how to do an lj-cut, what the hell are you doing on livejournal? click here for futher instructions. sheesh.

2) don't waste our time with junk!
we're not here to critique what's cute and what's not. as long as you post something that you feel the world hasn't yet seen, you're fine. it doesn't matter how cute you think a coke bottle is. if it's as ubiquitous as coca-cola, it's NOT going to be cute and therefore doesn't belong in our community. if anyone is caught posting crap like this, we're going to assume you're just doing it to piss everyone off and then we're gonna ban you. and make fun of you afterwards.

3) no starting drama!
drama is retarded enough in itself. even more retarded is the online form. this community is for FUN, not drama. try to keep negativity to a minimum. stating your opinion and being rude are two entirely different things. everyone knows where to draw the line. besides, if you can find it yourself to start fights at a community devoted to cute packaging, you should probably seek personal help. anyone being intentionally rude to anyone within the community more than twice will get banned.

4) chill on the self promotion!
advertisements suck! no one likes a bunch of commercials during their favorite show and the same goes for in our community. if you have a community that's related to cutepackaging, you may advertise, but other than that, please do not! no one gives a crap about cheesy rating communities anymore and they definitely don't belong here. if all you can post is "hey i'm new here...cute packaging rocks! i dont have many friends on lj..add me everyone" don't bother! see rule #2. :)