A (hester_prynne_) wrote in cutepackaging,

My first post...

I raided my kitchen and took pictures of stuff I got on my last trip to Ranch 99...

I guess they're choco-pine cones? Oh wait, I think they're supposed to be ice cream cones? No, they're pine cones.

'The Dog' chewing gum... these are actually really rad. Each individual piece of gum has a different puppy on it, and the gum is really tasty. Kinda like that wonderful Gatorade gum. I miss Gatorade gum.

Pocky. Mmmmm... strawberry flavored. Love the background picture with the Strawberries dipping themselves in milk...

Hello Panda... I guess they're biscuits filled with strawberry cream. The biscuits are even cute. They have different pictures of the panda stamped on them.

Magic Dust... kinda like Pop Rocks except that this comes with a lollipop that you lick and dip in the "dust". Sounds like a drug problem to me.

Hello Kitty chocolate biscuits. These are actually quite misleading. On the box, it looks like they're actually maltballs... in actuality, the filling is a bland biscuit thing. But the packaging is cute.

Back of the Hello Kitty chocolate biscuits box... it comes with a keychain light in the small box on top...

The Yeo's Soybean Drink packaging isn't really cute, but I just had to say that only the asians have the balls to go with a neutral color on a canned drink! Way to go Asia!

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