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Hello everyone. ^_^

Hey everyone, I'm new to the community and I'm looking for some help. First let me tell everyone about myself. I'm 23, originally from Massachusetts but I'm currently a design student living in Savannah, Georgia. I'm working on my senior project and I'm looking for anyone who would like to help. I'm an industrial designer to be more specific and I'm designing a new webcam/chat system for couples in a long distance or online relationship to use that will help keep the relationship fresh, exciting, and hopefully make the physical distance between the two people feel smaller. For anyone who is interested I will be posting the research, sketches, models, questionnaires, and things like that on my LG page. I'm looking for designers outside of my school take a look at my work, discuss it, and bounce ideas back and forth. So if anyone is interested please come and visit my page and give me your critique/insight.
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